St. Joseph Maintenance

st joe

Ministry Heads: Joe Lanni, (973) 994-2038; Frank Fusaro, (973) 992-7254; or contact the Parish Office (973) 992-9490.

Charter / Mission: As with every physical home, there are always repairs and small DIY tasks to be done. We take care of the church property – God’s physical home for our parish – by performing Home Handyman tasks – carpentry, electrical, plumbing. For example, we built the platform behind the altar for the Presider’s chair, moved the lector’s Ambo from its original position, designed and built the Christmas Stable, and constructed as well as mounted the wooden cross that graces the front of the church. In addition, we do relatively simple things like changing light bulbs, fixing drains, vacuuming the church, washing windows, dusting the pews, performing supply runs for maintenance supplies or material for special projects. When something requires a certified technician, we call one.

Skills & Interests of Members: basic and creative carpentry, electrical work, plumbing and maintenance. Ability to figure out straightforward solutions to standard home problems, and do some creative thinking on jobs that will keep our church property safe and usable.

Meeting time / Assignment Frequency: Parish Work Days (twice a year) and whenever a problem arises.

What does our Ministry need today?  We need additional members of all ages who have skills in any of the handyman areas, as well as anyone willing to be trained by the current team. We will call you as projects arise. The Parish Workday is a perfect time to introduce yourself and try some of the different projects.