St. Joseph Maintenance

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Ministry Heads: Joe Lanni, (973) 994-2038; Frank Fusaro, (973) 992-7254; or contact the Parish Office (973) 992-9490.

Charter / Mission: The St. Joseph Maintenance Ministry is a team of parishioners who volunteer to perform Do-It-Yourself repairs within the parish plant/facility, to keep expenses at a minimum. Included in their efforts are emergency repairs like adjusting timers for the lights; maintenance activities like changing light bulbs, repairing kneelers or pews; doing minor carpentry tasks like door hinge or handle repairs; minor plumbing repairs; and general cleaning and painting.
When the ministry members cannot accomplish the repairs or a certified technician is required, they recommend to the pastor that professional help be provided by a contractor. In those situations, they may help in the selection of the contractor, since they have a good idea of the extent of the repairs and what is needed.
The Ministry also organizes and supervises two Parish Work Days (Spring and Fall) each year to cover repairs, maintenance and cleaning.
If you have any handyman talents in the area of carpentry, basic plumbing, simple wiring, or general household repairs please consider joining the St. Joseph Maintenance Ministry team.

Skills & Interests of Members: basic and creative carpentry, electrical work, plumbing and maintenance. Ability to figure out straightforward solutions to standard home problems, and do some creative thinking on jobs that will keep our church property safe and usable.

Meeting time / Assignment Frequency: Parish Work Days (twice a year) and whenever a problem arises.

What does our Ministry need today?  We need additional members of all ages who have skills in any of the handyman areas, as well as anyone willing to be trained by the current team. We will call you as projects arise. The Parish Workday is a perfect time to introduce yourself and try some of the different projects.