Small Faith Sharing Groups

small faith

Ministry Head: Barbara Chekijian, (973) 740-1717,


  • Join in small groups to explore our faith and deepen our knowledge of the facts of our faith based on openness, supportive of the ability to express our thoughts with confidence
  • To examine, during Lent, the aspect of Lenten preparation, using the Sunday readings
  • To discuss timely topics in our lives through current literature (e.g., Catholicism by Robert Barren)

Skills & Talents of Members: Willingness to read, listen, and learn in a supportive faith-centered environment

Meeting Times: Weekly during Lent and Advent, usually in the Raphael Room, as well as in private homes

What Does Our Ministry Need Today?  We need parishioners who would like to delve into the Word of God and discuss its meaning and application to our daily lives, joining existing groups or forming their own. Material will be provided.