Ministry Head: TBD

What our Ministry Needs Today?  People willing to assist with the duties of preparing the bread and wine for the offertory, taking up the collection and offer their help to any parishioner in need of assistance during the celebration. At least four ushers are needed per Mass.

Charter / Mission: Ushers play a vital role during each liturgical celebration. Their main duties center around the Offertory portion of the Mass. The ushers ensure the bread and wine are placed at the back of the church in preparation for the Offertory celebration. They request two or three parishioners to participate in the Offertory procession. They take up the collection and help guide those taking up the offerings to the altar of the Lord. In addition, their duties include helping to make the church environment as comfortable as possible for parishioners arriving for the celebration of the mass. This includes adjusting lighting, the overhead fans and windows. Ushers are ready, willing and able to assist any parishioner with special needs during the celebration and they provide parishioners with a copy of the bullentin once the mass has ended.

Skills & Interests of Members: Willingness to arrive a few minutes before Mass begins to set up the offertory and prepare the church for parishioners. Willing to take up the collection and provide assistance if needed.

Meeting Times / Assignment Frequency: Just contact Sonny to let them know which Mass you will be attending.