Loaves & Fishes


Ministry Head: Anna Miranda, 973-669-7379, anna.miranda@comcast.net.

What our Ministry Needs Today?  More cooks and a list of parishioners / friends needing evening meals.

Charter / Mission: Loaves and Fishes is a Ministry which was developed as a service that offers a weekly meal to parishioners who are in need because of illness, acute or chronic,or in need because of other family stress.  It is seen as our response to Our Lord’s asking us to love one another and our seeing the provision of food as one way of our parish reaching out to one another in a loving way.  There are two major groups within the Ministry, 1) The Recipients and 2) Our volunteer cooks.

Skills & Interests of Members: Ability to prepare (cook or purchase) a meal (main course, salad, and dessert) and deliver it.

Meeting Times / Assignment Frequency: monthly assignments assigned by weekly coordinators (Anna Miranda, CaroleAnne Ford, Mercy Osemeha, Marilyn Vitiello).