Lector 2

Ministry Head: Karen Kundla  (Training/mentor)


  • The reading of Scripture is a storytelling moment. Storytellers are people of imagination. They help us to see, hear, feel, and smell the elements of the story because they themselves experience these sensory aspects of a story.
  • Ministers of the Word, with proper preparation, proclaim God’s word during all liturgical celebrations (week and holiday masses, etc.). Training in interpretation and presentation are provided by the Archdiocese as well as by mentors from the Lector Ministry.

What does our Ministry need today?  We need parishioners who will not just read the words but will use their God-given skills to deliver the Word into reality for all. We are especially in need of people for the 7:30 am,  9:00 am and 6 pm Masses.

Skills & Interests of Members:  Ability to read with feeling in order to present the Word and give the Word its true value in today’s world.

Meeting Times/Assignment Frequency:  The pastor may gather all lectors once o a year to review the procedures he would like all lectors to follow.  Other than that, there are no regularly scheduled meetings. The ministry head will generate a new schedule of assigned Masses quarterly. If a lector is unable to fulfill the assigned date/time, it is their responsibility to arrange an alternate reader.  Training is provided.