Gardening Ministry


Head / Point of Contact: Karen Kundla, (973) 285-7512,

Charter / Mission: We create an outdoor environment for the church that reflects the beauty of God’s creations: the plants, flowers, and trees. We maintain that environment weekly and update it semi-annually at the Parish Work Parties.

Skills and Interests of Members:
• Enjoyment of an environment enhanced by the beauty of flowers and plants.
• Ability to plant and clean up under general direction of a team lead.
• Availability to water and/or weed once or twice a month, as a member of a team.

Meeting Times / Assignment Frequency: Parish Work Parties twice a year – major cleanup and planting around the entrance to the church, the side gardens, the garden in front of the rectory, entry/exit gardens. Weekly watering and weeding during the spring and summer is desirable.

What does our Ministry need today?
• People interested in doing the watering and maintenance weekly during the spring and summer.
• People to join the semi-annual work parties to clean up and re-plant.
• Donation of flowers and plants for the semi-annual events.