Ministry Head:  This ministry is currently suspended.

Charter / Mission:  We recognize, and the Scripture confirms, that doing work to support oneself and one’s family is integral to becoming more of whom God created us to be.  All of us internalize this expectation, usually at a very early age.  So, when one becomes unemployed, or is under-employed to the extent that independence is impossible, it can be devastating on many levels.  This ministry was created as a way for those trying to find a position to access the large pool of employment knowledge possessed by those within our Parish.

Skills & Interest of Members:  A knowledge and interest in maintaining an e-mail list of job-seekers. A knowledge and interest in passing along job opportunities via group e-mail to the Finders-Seekers exchange e-mail list. History of networking, contacts in the business community and/or experience in employment services a plus.

Meeting Times / Assignment Frequency:  No regular meetings are presently held.  The Finders-Seekers e-mail exchange list is updated on a weekly basis.  However, this list has been inactive since late summer 2012, due to a lack of positions coming into the list.