Head / Point of Contact:  Jim and Maria McIlvaine

Charter / Mission: A year-long program of preparation for the sacrament of Confirmation. The period of Faith Formation is done in conjunction with peer mentors from the Youth Ministry, and includes faith discussions, 20 hours of service followed by a self-examination summary report, and a retreat (the Rainbow Retreat). Candidates and parents commit to the preparation, so that the final event, during which the Bishop envokes the Holy Spirit to descend on the Confirmands, is a full commitment of the young person to move from a state of parental-guided Faith to one of self-commitment.

Skills and Interests of Members:

  • Committing to and using the gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • Looking at life in the context of our Faith

Meeting Times/Assignment Frequency:

  •   A 6-week period in December and January, during which the confirmation class meets on Tuesday nights for a series of discussions about the sacrament itself, its rich tradition, and evangelization.
  • The Rainbow Retreat, which is strictly for the confirmation candidates and a team of high school juniors who give talks on the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and leads small group sharing time.
  • 20 hours of social service, including St. John’s Soup Kitchen plus another self-selected service. This period is culminated with an essay on what the activity taught the confirmation candidate about how Jesus would have addressed the same event.

What does our Ministry need today?

  • More young people interested in growing in Faith with the help of others of the same mind
  • Donations of food and drinks for our weekly meetings
  • Support of the confirmation candidates by parents and parishioners