Bethany Ministry


Ministry Head:  This Ministry is currently suspended.

Charter / Mission:  We reach out to our brothers and sisters in Christ who experience the loss of a loved one through death.  We offer gentle, loving guidance to the grieving family in planning a funeral liturgy which provides an appropriate faith-filled celebration of the deceased member’s life.  We represent the caring of our entire church community when individual members mourn.  We dedicated ourselves, by way of prayer, presence, phone support, referrals, and printed materials, to nurture the spiritual, physical and emotional maturity of those on on their grief journey.  It is our goal that no one will mourn alone.

Skills & Interests of Members:  Good communications abilities.  A heart and sensitivity for the newly bereaved. Interest and/or knowledge of liturgy planning.  Willingness to be trained in Altar Serving/EM/Lector roles and serve in such capacities as necessary.  Availability on either evenings or daytime or both to physically serve as a Bethany minister at wakes and/or funerals.  Bethany also enlists the services of bakers (cakes for the bereaved), and those already trained as altar servers who are available during daytime hours.

Meeting Times / Assignment Frequency:  There is a mandatory training for Bethany, as well as a “probationary” period when new ministers work with experienced ones.  Meetings occur on an “as needed” basis.  Otherwise, the Director is available for phone consultation as necessary.  Assignment frequency varies with need.