Antioch Retreat

Head / Point of Contact:  TBD

Charter / Mission: An annual weekend trip for all high school youth, accompanied by team leaders made up of three or more adults and a team of 12 high school seniors. Through talks, activities, and quiet meditation, the youth deepen their understanding of self and, thus, a deeper understanding of God.

Skills and Interests of Members:

  • Interest in understanding self and God’s plan for each of us.
  • Committing to and using the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • Looking at life in the context of our Faith.

Meeting Times/Assignment Frequency:  One weekend event each year (Friday night through Sunday mid-day)

What does our Ministry need today?

  • Adults and high school seniors interested in making a commitment to helping the youth involved in the retreat in their journey of growth in their Faith.
  • Support of the fund raisers.